How Bini The Bunny Died

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It is with great sadness that we report the untimely passing of Bini the Bunny, the beloved internet-famous rabbit known around the world for his amazing talents.

At only 11 years old, Bini tragically died from a condition called GI stasis, leaving behind a legacy of delightful viral videos and memories for his many adoring fans.

Who Were Bini The Bunny and Shai Lighter?

Bini first hopped into the limelight in 2013 with a YouTube video showcasing his basketball dunking skills, which were trained by owner Shai Lighter.

From there, his popularity skyrocketed thanks to many more videos revealing his varied abilities, from painting beautiful pictures to styling hair. 

Most notably, Bini the Bunny was featured on America’s Got Talent and rising to the top of social media platforms with his viral videos accumulating more than 1 million followers.

This cute little bunny was featured on as well, spreading his fandom far and wide throughout his 11-year life. But even more impressive is that Bini the Bunny was recognized as the official Guiness World Records holder for a slam dunking rabbit. 

His unique skills and charming personality captured the hearts of millions. Bini’s shocking death is a reminder of how fragile rabbit health can be, and how diligent rabbit owners must be about preventative health measures.

Bini’s Talents and Fame

From appearing on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, to appearances on a Netflix Reality Show. There’s not a lot this bunny DIDN’T do during his little life.

Here are a few of the achievements and notable talents Bini the Bunny was known for.

Slam Dunks By a Rabbit? You Betcha!

Bini first captured the internet’s attention in 2013 when a YouTube video showed the talented bunny dunking a mini basketball through a hoop.

The adorable footage of Bini hopping around and repeatedly slam-dunking the ball with his fluffy head soon went massively viral, racking up over 20 million views.

People around the world were delighted by this athletic rabbit’s surprising skills. Of course, it helped that Bini was impossibly cute, with fuzzy grey-and-white fur and an endearing sideways hop. 

The video launched Bini’s fame, sparking interest in what other hidden talents this remarkable rabbit might have. Soon, many more videos were posted revealing Bini’s diverse skills, from painting pictures with a brush in his mouth to elegantly combing human hair.

A Bunny of Many Talents

After his basketball video brought him internet stardom, Bini captivated fans with an array of other talents revealed through cute and clever videos.

People were amazed to see Bini holding a paintbrush in his mouth and creating colorful abstract paintings on canvas.

In another popular video, Bini gently groomed a woman’s hair, carefully using a comb to smooth and style her locks. Other videos showed Bini enthusiastically dancing and spinning in circles on command.

He also displayed musical abilities, plucking the strings of a guitar and playing piano keys. Each new delightfully entertaining video showcased another surprising skill, and earned millions more fans enchanted by this gifted bunny.

Bini’s broad range of talents, from athletics to art to music, is a key part of what made him such a viral phenomenon.

Many Media Appearances

Bini’s online popularity led to features in major media publications, showing his appeal extended beyond internet virality. National Geographic highlighted Bini in several of their animal-focused books, including “Weird But True: USA” and “Pet Records.”

Mainstream pop culture mag People featured Bini in a 2022 article and TV segment, bringing his talents to an even wider audience.

Bini was also covered by news outlets like HuffPost, USA Today, and Fox News, which were charmed by the athletic, artistic rabbit.

Major TV shows also booked Bini, including The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where Bini awed the host with an in-studio basketball demonstration. Bini even competed on talent shows like The Gong Show and America’s Got Talent, impressing the celebrity judges.

His media exposure in top outlets demonstrated the widespread cultural impact Bini made through his viral videos.

Bini’s Book Written By Shai

In 2021, a children’s book was published celebrating Bini’s talents and adventures. Titled Little Bunny Dreamer the book written by Shai Lighter (owner) brought the artistic rabbit’s charm and spirit to printed pages.

The illustrated story follows a fictionalized version of Bini as he pursues his big dreams, showcasing his signature skills like painting, basketball, and music.

Little Bunny Dreamer encourages children to follow their passions, believe in themselves, and spread joy to others. For devoted Bini fans, the book was a treasured chance to enjoy new imaginative adventures with their beloved bunny.

The publication of Little Bunny Dreamer demonstrated how Bini had become a timeless character who could inspire kids worldwide. While Bini is sadly no longer with us, this heartwarming book will help keep his uplifting legacy alive.

His Very Own Mobile Game: Hoppy Brush 

Given Bini’s artistic talents, it was fitting that in 2020, he inspired a mobile game based around painting.

Developed by Bini’s owner Shai, Hoppy Brush is a game that involves matching colors to create beautiful paintings.

Players take on the role of Bini as he paints and sells artwork to raise money and rescue his in-game mother. The game paid tribute to two of Bini’s well-known skills – painting and family bonds.

Hoppy Brush merged cuteness and creativity for a one-of-a-kind gaming experience centered around the beloved bunny. All profits from the game went to support the real-life Bini and his owner.

The creation of Hoppy Brush showed how Bini’s appeal and story could be translated into interactive digital entertainment. It was a new way for fans to connect with the rabbit who had won their hearts through his viral videos. Bini’s legacy continues through this fitting tribute in game form.

Bini’s Sudden Passing in 2023

Tragically, in September 2023, Bini passed away at  11 years old due to gastrointestinal stasis (GI).

GI stasis occurs when a rabbit’s gastrointestinal tract slows down or stops, causing potentially fatal digestive issues. Diet changes, stress, lack of exercise, or other factors can cause it, so for rabbit owners, it’s crucial to monitor for early signs of GI stasis like reduced appetite and decreased fecal output.

Bini the Bunny, the talented internet-famous rabbit has tragically passed away at 11 years old from GI stasis.
Source: Bini The Bunny Fandom

If caught quickly, GI stasis can often be successfully treated under veterinary care with interventions like gut motility medications, pain management, and hydration therapy.

Sadly for dear Bini, his case of GI stasis progressed too rapidly to be treated in time. His millions of fans worldwide were heartbroken over the devastating loss of this uniquely talented rabbit.

However, Bini’s memory lives on through his many delightfully entertaining videos that will continue inspiring smiles and joy.

How To Avoid GI In Your Bunny

GI stasis is a common and life-threatening condition in rabbits, but there are steps rabbit owners can take to lower the risks:

  • Feed a healthy high-fiber diet – The bulk of your rabbit’s diet should be timothy or other grass hays, which support healthy motility. Limit pellets and veggies.
  •  Encourage exercise daily – Rabbits need ample exercise to keep their guts moving. Provide space and toys for them to run and play.
  • Reduce stress – Stress can disrupt gut function. Give your bunny a calm environment and proper housing. Bond them with a mate if needed. 
  • Monitor appetite and pooping – Notice any decreases right away, as this can indicate early GI problems.
  • Schedule annual vet checkups – Your vet can address any diet or health issues before they escalate.
  • Learn GI stasis signs – Appetite loss, small/no fecal droppings, lethargy. Seek same-day vet care if you notice these.
  • Have emergency supplies – Keep critical items like syringes, baby gas drops, critical care food, etc. Hands-on owners can often manage early GI stasis at home.

Staying vigilant and being prepared to promptly treat GI stasis is key to keeping your bunny healthy and avoiding the tragic fate sweet Bini endured. With proper care, your rabbit can thrive and avoid GI-related emergencies.